Coronavirus precautions: In-person Classes cancelled and March 25th Celebration Postponed

Dear students and families, we must take the threat of the pandemic COVID-19 seriously in order to protect vulnerable populations like the elderly (as we know many of us have a yiayia and/or pappou in our lives).  Many extracurricular activities have been cancelled and recreation centers closed. Gatherings of more than 50 people with potentially vulnerable members of society have been discouraged by the Ministry of Health.

As such, as a Board, we have decided to suspend in-person classes until further notice. We have also postponed the March 25th Celebration that was to have taken place on March 30th. 

However, we will be transitioning our classes to other forms of learning such as online or e-learning tools that we have at our disposal such as Skype, the Stavros Niarchos platform or the online Geia Xara platform. Each class will be given direction from their teacher.

We are confident that our students and their families will work with us from the safety of their homes in order to ensure the ongoing progress of their Hellenic learning.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding,

The Hellenic Academia Board