About our School

Our hope is to share this love of Hellenism with all that have the desire to learn without regard for their background or affiliations.

The Hellenic Academia is a non profit organization registered under the Societies Act of Alberta on October 1, 2019. Our objectives are to:

1. Create a positive and enriching educational environment for Hellenic culture and heritage to complement our Canadian society.

2. Share the Hellenic language with the broader Canadian community, reinforcing both its relevance and beauty as one of the key roots of the English language as well as a living and relevant modern European language.

3. Create relationships with current Canadian institutions to bring learners in front of talented Greek educators.

Why learn Greek in Canada?

The Hellenic language is one of the two oldest (other than Chinese) still living languages used today by the same population in the same place of origin for more than 4000 years- a thread that can link us with the profound Ancient Greek civilization.

Learning the Hellenic language provides a window into the roots of so many other languages.  Through their journey, our students will appreciate the many intricate layers of various wholistic experiences that together create the beauty of the Greek society.