Our Partnerships


At the Hellenic Academia, we strongly believe in forging a network of partnerships around the world to bring the best and most innovative practices in teaching the Greek language to our students.

These relationships not only benefit our students, but also enrich the lives of our teachers by bringing them in contact with individuals as passionate as they are about teaching the Greek language.

Simon Fraser University’s Department of Hellenic Studies.

Our relationship with this fantastic group has brought us access to two interactive digital language programs

  • Rebooting Greek – a platform for children and teens
  • Odysseus- a platform for adults

These platforms bring interactive learning to the homes of our students, and allow us to reach out to families living far from a Greek school in remote environments around Alberta. Our mission is to engage as many learners as possible in learning Greek, without distance being a limitation.


Publishing the latest in children’s and adult learning materials, NEOHEL publications in Greece has been an asset to our program. Their materials, “Greek for You” are being used by adult programs in many centers, such as the University of Toronto. NEOHEL is highly aligned with the requirements for language competency set out by the Center for the Greek Language and the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).