It is important to us that we align our practice to the Alberta Education Greek Language and Culture Twelve – year program. We will also be aiming for language competency based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference ) for A1 and A2 which aligns very well with the Alberta curriculum. Basing our instruction on these outcomes, holds us accountable towards our students and you, the parents.

It is just as important to include our culture in our teaching through a variety of experiential projects throughout the course of the year. As the Hellenic Academia is an initiative that began with a group of parents, your feedback is always welcome. 

Inquiry based, thematically oriented language instruction through our rich culture will drive our learning. All students will learn about cultural topics according to level. Below find a brief summary of what to expect each month at the Hellenic Academia. 

Academic Year 2022-2023

Month Season Cultural topics
September Fall Harvest

Return to school

October Fall 28th October and the Greek Flag

Modern Greek Geography

November Fall Olive and olive oil

Mediterrean Diet

December Winter Christmas and regional traditions in Greece

Differences in winter life between Greece and Canada

January Winter New Years/Epiphany

Important leaders, artists of Greek descent

February Winter Apokrea

The Greek family and village life

March Spring 25th March (heroes, revolution)

Traditional music and identifying regional variations

April Spring Easter

Ancient Greece

May Summer May Day

Ancient Greece

June Summer Olympic Games

“There is plenty of evidence to suggest that learning another language contributes to the development of first language skills and enhances not only vocabulary but improves cognitive functioning.”
(Greek Language and Culture Twelve-year Program (K-12), 2)