A dynamic fall themed start for the Hellenic Academia!

Μια δυναμική αρχή για την Ελληνική Ακαδημία με θέματα ο τρύγος και το φθινόπωρο!

The students learned about the grape harvest in Greece, and enjoyed a snack of grapes, raisins

and traditional cookies made from moustos. All senses were engaged in this wonderful lesson.

Our teaching assistant is part of the next generation being trained to carry on our traditions!

And finger puppets are being used to break the ice and get the kids to speak Greek to one another in a fun way!

On our way out, a fresh organic pear from one of our pappou’s trees to celebrate the fall harvest. “Α” για Αχλάδι φυσικά!

Περνάμε ωραία και φεύγουμε με γεμάτες τις καρδιές μας!